Weekend Escapade!

My husband loves me. Yes, I know husbands are supposed to love us, but I know mine REALLY loves me. You will probably hear this statement from me often, since I am always seeming to test my husband’s love for me. As many of you out there do, I adore flea markets and all the treasures one can behold there. Today our family went out for the day, and I happened to have surfed craig’s list prior to leaving and ran across an ad for a flea market. Of course this caught my attention, not solely for my adoration of the flea market, but because around these parts, there aren’t many to be had. I sheepishly map-quested some directions and put a bug in my husband’s ear that perhaps we might want to head in a certain direction for the day, full well aware of my ulterior motives. Once en route and close to my secret destination, I leveled with my dear husband about perhaps stopping at the flea market. He agreed to do so, rather unreluctantly much to my surprise. I thought that since there had been previous flea marketing recently, maybe there would have been more hesitation in his voice. Everything seemed fine until we pulled into the parking lot of the flea market. My oldest daughter said "I’m scared, Mom" and my husband chimed right along with her. "I don’t know about this, hon," he says "this looks like a pretty rough neighborhood." "Everything will be fine, don’t worry, it’s just a little dirty." I say, all the while thinking to myself I think my husband is big enough to take anyone who might want to mug us. I knew since we had the kids with us, we should be careful, but the treasures that might lay inside awaiting me were to luring to leave behind. "Come on, this will be fun!" I say enthusiastically. Let’s just say the rest of my family did not share the same enthusiasm. Inside we careful proceeded, my husband and daughter on the lookout, me with only stars in my eyes. Once inside, the dirt didn’t change much, but oh were my instincts right, there were treasures to behold! Vintage jewelery, pottery, glass and silver everywhere in sight! This was definitely worth the danger! I gathered things quickly, not wanting to upset my husband by lingering too long (he hates when I do that). We escaped with our loot back to the jeep and drove off successfully. I think deep down somewhere, my husband actually liked the thrill of the day, he seemed in a good mood after it all. I know I certainly was! Here is a pic of some of my "loot" from our escapade! Enjoy!

xo, Tiffany


Kristin Seling - February 25, 2008 - 7:37 pm

I enjoyed your story…and can relate so much! Luckily my hub loves flea markets, but I always hear it from our 4 kids. They have had it with all my thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, and swap meets. They groan as I take an unexpected turn after seeing a bright orange sign. They actually chant “No more garage sales” at me. I actually don’t ever want to bring them to the Rose Bowl again, as I lose my mind when I see all the rows of goodness,and lose the ability to be a good mom and keep track of all my babies!! Loved your writing!!Kristin

jessi nagy - February 24, 2008 - 6:35 am

cha ching!
worth the danger!
how funny!
you should stoe some pepper spray, or perhaps a stun gun, in the glove box. there might be a treasure trove in this neighborhood.
good junk day!
and yes your husband really liked the thrill of it all!

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