Lovebirds & Puppies




I haven't shared any of my photoshoots with you lately, so I thought I would!

Here is a fun couple's engagement photoshoot with their lovely puppy Winston!















































































xoxo, Tiffany



If We Weren’t Hillbilly Before, We Are Now

Yes, I do call myself the Fancy Farmgirl, but there is a very fine line between that and being hillbilly. This weekend I think we crossed that line.

What do hillbillies do on the weekends, you might ask? Well, if they live around these parts, they try to catch the varmints that have been eating the cat food. You see, my husband had been getting quite frustrated with the fact that something was spilling and eating all the cat food every night. Usually the kind of animals that do so, also like baby chicks as a main course, the cat food is just an appetizer. My husband is very protective of our new baby chicks, so he knew something needed to be done.

Now a real hillbilly would have sat and waited in a corner with a very large gun, until the varmint appeared, and then shoot it to smithereens. Of course the Fancy Farmgirl side of me said that wasn't an option and we set up a live trap instead.  My husband lay in wait for the varmint to show up, peering out the back door with a flashlight. He wanted me to stay by his side and wait, but at 11pm at night, I had better plans to lay down in my fluffy bed. Round about 11:20, my husband ran into the bedroom and shouted to come see the raccoon he had been watching. When I arrive, the raccoon is near the trap and looking for a way in. I tell him "Great….. have fun, I am going to bed."

About 15 minutes passes, when he returns triumphant to our bed. I ask if he caught it and he says "Yes, but it wasn't easy."

The raccoon had apparently gone in the trap, but the trap did not close on him, so my husband said he threw a rock at the cage while the raccoon was in it, and it snapped closed. He wanted me to come see it right then, but I assured him it would still be there in the morning, I would see it then.

Fast forward to morning….

We go out to check on the raccoon. I ask what we are going to do with it now hat we have trapped it. The consensus is to drive it up to the woods and release it far from here. As we gingerly grab the trap with hay hooks, I notice a very large potato smashed in the barn. Curious as to why there is a potato in the barn, I ask my husband if he knows anything about the mysterious vegetable. Apparently in the dark, he mistook the potato for a rock and tells me that is what he threw it at the cage to successfully capture the varmint.

Yes, only a hillbilly would throw a potato…..queue banjos…..

We go to put it in the truck to drive it up into the woods and realize that the truck is completely full with stuff to go to the county dump. We squeeze the raccoon, cage and all into a small opening and off we go. I say we should go release the raccoon first, but my husband says it's not a good idea, because if people see us driving into the woods with a truckload of trash, they might think we are illegally dumping it in the woods. (yes, we only dump raccoons off in the woods, we dispose of our trash properly).

So, we take the raccoon to the dump with us. As we pull up to the window to take our dump ticket, we are wondering if the lady in the kiosk notices this…..



Racoon 005 copy


I quickly come up with an explanation in my mind, just in case she thinks we are here to dump the raccoon too. I decide to go with the story that this is our pet raccoon named Junkyard, and he goes everywhere with us. Don't know if she'll buy that one or not…..luckily, she either doesn't notice, or just doesn't say anything about our caged varmint in the back of the truck.

We successfully complete our dump run, and now we can head for the hills to finish our weekend of playing hillbilly.

We find a nice dirt road up in the forest, and pull over. My husband is feeling a little nervous and wants to get the job done fast. Neither of us are really sure of what actual raccoon abandonment law is, so we really don't want anyone to see us. He makes me watch for cars as he gets Junkyard out of the back of the truck. I abandon my car watching post for a moment to get these…..


Racoon 010 copy



Racoon 011 copy



Racoon 014 copy



Goodbye, Junkyard……have a nice new life.

Don't come back soon…..


Racoon 002 copy


Or next time we get the gun…..

(note: This last photo is really blurry, because when I stuck the camera this close to the cage, Junkyard didn't like it and he came at me, and I fell over backwards)


xoxoxo, Tiffany






Do you remember?

Cookie 021 


Do you remember your first car? It was a long time ago for me, but I relived my memory the other day, as I watched my daughter get hers. Just like her mother, her first car is a truck, although I think hers is a lot cuter than mine was. Mine was a white Mazda B2300 with red and grey pin striping.



Cookie 010



At the time I got mine, I didn't think trucks were cool. I drove it because it was free and I needed transportation. But fortunately for my daughter, she got exactly what she wanted. She said she only wanted a vintage truck. Preferably before 1970. Preferably light blue.



Cookie 007



Meet Elly. She's named after my daughter's great grandmother, who left her $500 to buy her first car. She's a Bubble Gum Blue 67' Ford. And although she cost $650, she was worth every penny saved.



Cookie 008 copy 



She can't drive her yet, she's still 9 months away from a permit. But there has been the exception up and down the gravel road to grandma's house.




Lexi's new truck 003 copy 



I tried my hardest to trade her something for the truck, which I am in *LOVE* with.  She said no to the 2000 grey Dodge Mini Van.  I can't imagine why !?!?

Imagine rollin' up in that to the high school, way cool, right??

Could NOT convince her….


Lexi's new truck 012 copy 


So then, I at least tried to talk her into letting me cover the seats in pink summer floral print, hang tie back curtains in it, and maybe two little crystal wall sconces installed as lights.

Rebellious teenager said,  "No way, if anything it will have a gun rack."

There is no way this can be the fruit of my loins, can it???

At least she wanted a vintage truck……



What is your first car story?


xoxo, Tiffany

One Hundred Wishes Came True………




Today I am so pleased to participate in a secret baby shower for my good friend Andrea from One Hundred Wishes!! Many of you may already know her recent news, but for those of you who do not, Andrea is already the mother to two beautiful boys and she just got her wish for a baby girl.

Several bloggng friends and I got together to surprise her, and our friends Hope and Gabrielle are out delivering her presents as we post!

Here is what I made for her and the new baby.

A vintage baby mobile.


Baby mobile 019 



I used vintage lamp parts, a vintage silver salt shaker, antique rosary beads and vintage baby photos to make this pretty little mobile.



Baby mobile 005 



These are vintage french curtain rings that I put the photos into and then edged with silver glass glitter.




Baby mobile 001 



Vintage millinery and seam binding are what they hang by.



Baby mobile 004 



On the backs of each French curtain ring, is vintage rose wallpaper and glittered letters that spell out b-a-b-y.



Baby mobile 021 



This little baby is just too cute…..




Baby mobile 007 



Here is a close up of the vintage lamp part, it is also the kind I like to make my crown bases out of.




Baby mobile 012 



Baby mobile 042 



Love the salt shaker it hangs from and the rosary beads. I know Andrea really likes silver and rosary beads, so I incorporated those elements for her.



Baby mobile 045 


Congratulations Andrea, on one hundred wishes coming true, we couldn't be happier for you and your family!!


Please stop by to congratulate Andrea on her wish come true, and please also visit these other blogs to see more of the fun secret baby shower we threw for her!



Have a wonderful day!

xoxo, Tiffany