Fancy Farmboys


Boys can be fancy too!!

Enjoy the photoshoot with these heartmelting little boys……

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Welcome to my new site! I am so happy you are all here!

This change just felt right, and I thank you all for al lthe support and comments I recieved on the change.

I invite you all to look all around, and enjoy your stay.

I have two fun things to celebrate my new site and name. One is a fun giveaway, the other has to do with a certain party I held a little while back that everyone has been asking me to hold again. That will be in the next post, I promise you’ll love it!

For the giveway, I have designed a whole new look and items to go along with it! You will recieve my new bumper stickers, poster and of course a set of my beautiful Roses and Sheet Music notecards as well as an 8×10 print. For fun, I’ll throw in a Fancy Farmgirl T-shirt! I’ll choose three winners of the prizes.

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 The new Bumper Stickers I designed




 My new poster design


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Thank you all for such wonderful support and friendship over these past few years, I am looking forward to many more fun years to come! 

Love to you all!!

The Official Fancy Farm Mascot


Cookie 049 


Meet Cookie…….the new official mascot of this Fancy Farm.

She is only 5 months old, and is the cutest thing since polka dots.


Cookie 024 


She somewhat resembles a Wookie from Star Wars, I know, and I can't help but adore her.


Cookie 029 


Adding a yet another animal to this farm (running total last I checked was 32 chickens, 2 St.Bernard dogs, a horse, a pony, another donkey and a cat) is a little crazy I know but Churro needed a playmate to keep him company while the horses were off being shown.


Cookie 044 


He used to get so upset when the horses would leave for the weekend and he was left behind. So I had a very good reason (or so I like to tell myself) for acquiring another mini donkey. Besides, I think this farm needed a mascot like Cookie. Churro would have been a great mascot, but I am the Fancy Farmgirl after all, so I thought a female mascot would be much more suiting.


  Cookie 067 


As you can see, Churro likes her already. They are actually half brother and sister, they share the same father, but different mothers. Cookie is only about 50lbs, and she is small enough I can pick her up. Her feet are only the size of a small egg and she probably won't get much larger.


Cookie 070 


Onto more official business……..after MUCH consideration, I have finally come to a decision about my business/blog name. The consensus in my heart and head is to change my name officially to The Fancy Farmgirl. I have already begun changes, and I will surely send out the new information when everything is complete. The decision just feels right.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Cookie!!

xoxo, Tiffany




Dudarrific ~ Pronunciation: \ˈdude' a ' riff'  ick'\

Function: adjective

meaning : Fabulous, sweet, one of a kind, generous



(Suzanne and Me)

Yes, that's her for sure….Dudarrific. Miss Suzanne Duda….


She took me into her home for several days, when I needed a place to crash before I traveled to Savannah. What she doesn't know is she gave me so much more than a soft spot to sleep.

Let me start the story off with photos and captions, but what I end with is really the meat of the sandwich.

Her home is one of the loveliest I have ever stepped through. When you walk in the front door, you are immediately greeted with this lovely vignette…




Petticoats and parasols 293 




Petticoats and parasols 301 




Petticoats and parasols 302


Now that I have hooked you in, I am sure you want the rest of the tour, right?

Her dining room is yummy……




Petticoats and parasols 300 


I love it when people keep their table set all the time. I just think it is so inviting. I can't do this at my house, for we do not have a formal dining room, only an eat in kitchen, and it is too much of a catch all to have set pretty all the time.

Here is another brilliant idea to showcase bits of vintage wallpaper. Why didn't I think of this??? Darling, right??



Petticoats and parasols 295 


Suzanne doesn't just decorate with "likely" items, but she throws in the unexpected. Like displaying her collection of vintage lucite purses at the table……



Petticoats and parasols 297



And decorating the place settings with more than just silverware….


Petticoats and parasols 296 



If Suzanne hadn't had been so nice to me, I would have slipped this little number into my suitcase, like you steal hotel bathrobes and bars of soap.

Stunning addition to the dining room door……


Petticoats and parasols 298 


Her sun room, might possibly have been my favorite room of the house. It was so comfortable and cozy, the colors a reflection of the nature outside her window. I think her home needs to be in a magazine!



Petticoats and parasols 311 



Petticoats and parasols 313 


I actually promised Suzanne's daughter that I wouldn't post this photo. I am so sorry Elizabeth, but I couldn't not post this photo. You are so amazingly gorgeous both on the outside and in, my trip was only enhanced by your presence. I hope you will forgive me, but I see you for the beauty you are!! And it is one of my favorite photos of my whole trip, so please don't deny me….


Petticoats and parasols 315 


As if the rest of the house wasn't eye candy enough, Suzanne's studio is amazing. You must excuse the crummy photos, I think it was about 2am in the morning when I realized I hadn't taken any shots of the studio, so I quickly grabbed some before my departure the following morning.


Petticoats and parasols 356


  Petticoats and parasols 357 


Petticoats and parasols 362 


Petticoats and parasols 364 



Suzanne and I partook in some serious shopping while I was there. This photo she snagged of me clearly demonstrates this. ( I hope my husband isn't reading my blog right now…)



Petticoats and parasols 350 


We traveled to a nearby town to go to Antiques in Old Town. Where, unbeknownst to me, the proprietor was both a blog reader of mine and Suzanne's! Rowann, the owner, was as sweet as they come, and she made our 3 hour shopping spree in her store a pleasure. All the bags in my hand in the previous photo came from this store, and I spent my ENTIRE budget there. It was worth it!!

Here is a testament to Suzanne's character……

We enter the store, Suzanne ahead of me. She proclaims loudly to look at this dress form and stunning vintage prom dress. She is clearly over the top excited, and surely wants to buy it. But I rush past her, my heart melting, scooping the dress form into my arms and hugging it tightly. I suddenly realize she has seen it first, and rightfully she shall have sole discretion on whether or not to purchase the dress. I know she wants it, but she surrenders it to me, and tells me to buy it. I hesitate, but only for a second. She is a true good friend to offer such a treasure up to me. I offer back joint custody of the dress, switching holidays on odd and even years….Not much consolation I know, but I felt so guilty for purchasing the dress. What a good friend……


Petticoats and parasols 335 




Ok, so enough about decorating, shopping and friendship. Now comes the meat of the sandwich I was speaking of. I really want to dedicate this post and mother's day wishes this year to Suzanne. One of the best things I walked away taking with me from my visit with her was this……


Suzanne is one of the best mothers I have ever known.


Her relationship with her children is enviable at the very least. She so openly loves them and puts their well being on a pedestal, whilst at the same time parenting them and giving them good advice. She is a softy, but only when it matters, and is as tough as nails when need be. She communicates with them on a level so well, I got out a notebook to take notes. She has had trials and errors in her relationships with them for sure, much of it has been a roller coaster ride. Her diligence and strength through it all is something I greatly admire. I left her home wanting to go home and be as good a mother as I had witnessed of her.

Suzanne, of all the things I can compliment you on, I felt this was the most important.

And you deserve to hear it.


Petticoats and parasols 324 

(Suzanne and Elizabeth)

Suzanne, I wish you a very happy Mothers Day.



I hope everyone else knows a mom whom they can send love and support to for a job well done, because good mothers so often go unrecognized.

Happy Mother's Day……

xoxo, Tiffany