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I know it’s been quite some time since I have shared any of my art with anyone. I have been on such a photography high lately, I don’t want you to think I have turned my blog into a photographer’s only blog. Photography is a huge passion of mine, and obviously my day job now, but art is still always in my heart. I am inspired by so many things, but the thing that inspires me most is people.


What I mean by that, is I love to create FOR someone. I love to give art as gifts, nothing makes me more happy. Each piece I create is inspired by the person I am creating it for. I try not to copy what their style is, but rather infuse my own into something I know they will enjoy as much as I do.

These are a few of my people inspired pieces as of late. They are all residing in their new homes with my wonderful dear friends.

 The top art piece was inspired by a friend who has a love for birds. I found a beautiful bird poem and incorporated into her gift.

The next piece, the wall hanging, has burlap infused into it, since it’s recipient is in love with burlap.

This last piece is more reflective of this person’s traits and qualities, rather than her tangible loves.

It was inspiring to create with her qualities in mind, and reflective of her.

A simple elegant wrap of burlap is all these gifts needed to be presented.

 What inspires your art?




This isnt your typical Barn Sale……


No, This isn’t your typical barn sale…….

This is the heart and soul of two fabulous men who have made a place for people to come and be happy.

A place to rejoice in song and food, to shop for treasures and to make new friends….

Where I go because I can be around some of the happiest people…..

{cindy & me} 



{robin & leah}




 {kim and me}

 {the most darling shopper}

{me, lara, kelly rae, kim}




 {lara and robin}


{sue, julie’s daughter & julie}




{wonderful guitar man}


 {darling fancy farmgirl}




 {happy red velvet cupcake eating people}


{katherine and co. the red velvet cupcake makers}

Today I let the pictures do the talking, because you can definitely see it on the faces of the people and in the quality of wares, that this
















 For more info on this fabulous barn sale,

please go to

Thank you Joe and Jermonne for such a fabulous weekend!

Toto, We are not in Kansas Anymore {thank goodness!!}

(Please read this to the tune of the “Brady Bunch” in you head!!! VERY IMPORTANT )

Here’s the story

of 4 very lovely ladies

who were busy trying to find Ree Drummond’s home

They were 4 girls

traveling altogether

yet they were all alone………

Until one day when these ladies met this fellow

and they knew that it was much more than a hunch

that this group

had somehow gone to Kansas,

that’s the way we all became the WAYWARD BUNCH…….

THE .  WAYWARD .  BUNCH….. do do do do do

THE .  WAYWARD.  BUNCH ….. do do do do do

THAT’S THE WAY                 WE BECAME              THE WAYWARD BUNCH


 I recently traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma with the creative and talented ladies Jo Packham, Elizabeth Maxson and Loralee Choate

Our Mission, should we choose to except it, to photograph the ever lovely Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, for the premier issue of Where Women Cook Magazine.

Simple enough task you might think, except for the fact that we had four women in a car, driving through the outskirts of Oklahoma, talking, not paying attention to road signs. We were told it should have been only a short drive to the Drummond ranch, and after about an hour, we had seen no signs of civilization. Starving, we pull in to the first gas station we find.

Jo says we better grab something to eat here, since we have seen no other eateries.

“Yay! Gas Station dinner!” I say sarcastically…….

Jo proclaims “We are going to live like truckers”

And live like truckers we did.

We dined on rotisserie meats (grey hot dogs), topped in fine cheese (liquid nacho sauce out of a one gallon pump)

had exotic nuts (corn to be exact),  swiss chocolates (of the Butterfinger variety)

and mixed drinks (Diet Dr. Pepper and Powerade)

Now this is LIVIN’!!!! Those truckers know how to do it!!


Of course, as a photographer I was there to document the whole thing in high quality, maximum resolution with my super nice CAMERA PHONE.



 But then again, these girls are probably lookin’ pretty good to those truckers…..


We hit the road again, only to drive yet another hour (or two) before we realize

“Hey, we shoulda been there by now?!?!?”

Bladders full from massive amounts of Diet Dr. Pepper and Powerade, we pull over to the next gas station we find. This time, not in seek of gourmet foods, but of restroom facilities. I spy a police officer and ask the group if we should perhaps ask this wonderful gentleman for some directions.

We are, afterall, a group of women, we ARE NOT afraid to ask for directions…..

Then I notice something strange…

“Hey guys, why does that cop say he’s from Kansas?”

The consensus is he must be lost.

Our fearless leader Jo, approaches to ask for directions.

The lovely officer of the law proceeds to tell us

“Go back on this highway about 50 miles until you get to Oklahoma……”

“Oklahoma?!?!? Where are we???”

“Uhhhh, you’re in Kansas, Ma’am”

“Kansas! How did we get to Kansas? Wasn’ t there a sign or something?!?”

“Uhhhh, yes ma’am, there was…”


Well, we finally did make it BACK to Oklahoma, and I have to say, that the police officers of the good state of Kansas, are extremely polite. Especially to wayward visitors such as ourselves.

Although as we drove away towards the state line, I could see him chuckling to himself……


Elizabeth says that four friendly women and a tank full of gas equals trouble.

I think I agree…..

We finally make it to our destination, and had a wonderful time with Ree…..


 A really wonderful time……


The Fancy Farmgirl’s Daughter………


I am sure all of you that have children or even those of you who don’t have at one time or another looked at a person and thought

“where did time go?”

Suddenly when you look at them, you realize that in a fraction of an instant, years have actually passed by, and you wonder how it happened.



Such is the case with my daughter. If I am “The Fancy Farmgirl” then she is “The Country Cowgirl”.

Yes, she does occasionally love to dress in something frilly, but she prefers to be covered in dry dirt, and live on the back of a horse, rope in her hand, chasing a cow.



At almost 15, she looks as if she is 20 sometimes, and of course that scares me.

What also scares me is how talented she is, but also how dangerous her sport she loves can be.

Welcome to daubing. Foreign to many, I often find myself explaining to people what this is. You chase after a calf on horseback with a mustard dipped tennis ball on a stick. The person who marks, or “daubs” the calf in the fastest time wins.


(My daughter on her horse Lady) 

 Lexi averages about 4 seconds………

Then there is the sport of Canadian Flags, where a team races down a course at full speed, rounding a set of flags and retrieving on for the team then gallops back to the finish line.
Again, a timed event……

Here she is, my Country Cowgirl……. 



There is of course barrels, which is the same premise as flags, only it is a single competetor sport, and you race around barrels instead of flags. 



 Did I mention my daughter loves to ride her horse as fast as she can???
Perhaps the events she and her horse Lady do best in, are the cow events. They really work well together, and roping is no exception.



 A quick getaway out of the gate, and they are off……



The only problem is most of these events in the Pacific Northwest are held indoors in tiny arenas. These horses and riders are going so fast, sometimes there is not enough room to stop. When faced with that, this is what happens……



The horse turns to miss the wall, but your daughter doesn’t.





 Your heart skips several beats, and you can’t remember if you are breathing or not, as you watch as tragedy is nearly missed. Suddenly time isn’t moving so fast, instead, everything seems to move in slow motion.

Suddenly your Country Cowgirl is back on her feet, everything dandy, and she is ready for the next event.



You hope it is something easy like lead line, but instead she changes her clothes and heads for the 3 foot jumps……….

I breathe a sigh and follow, ready to cheer on my Country Cowgirl, her biggest fan.