Let Them Eat Cake!

There is an exciting event coming up that I am proud to be attending. A dear sweet lady, Miss Cassandra Van Curen, is gathering women from across the country to spoil them in luxury and teach them amazing art. When Cassandra approached me about coming to do the photography, my jaw dropped. What a dream of mine to be able to photograph a ball with women dressed in Marie Antoinette apparel!

If you haven’t heard of this event yet, go check it out as quickly as possible. I know there are only a few spots available, and who wouldn’t want to got to Florida in February!

The event will be held at Saddlebrook resort just outside of Tampa, Fl. An award winning resort with luxury accommodations and facilities February 25-27th, 2011.

It will start off with Marie’s Market Soiree.  The evening will be full of lovely things, friendly faces, pretty projects, wonderful raffles, and chocolate fondue! Not to mention there will be a vast array of beautiful vendor booths full of pretties for your shopping pleasure.

On Saturday gather your best shoes, your Marie inspired gown or cocktail attire and join us for a night of champagne, sweets and dancing at the grand ball! There will be a gourmet feast of sweets offered fit for a queen, and a contest for the best Marie Antoinette costume!  (this will be the day you take photos before the ball . . . .eeeekkk so excited! I will be taking individual photos of ladies and group shots, which is all part of the event!)

On Sunday we will start early for a day filled with classes, swaps, friends, raffles and lots more fun. The above photos are of actual class projects, taught by these talented ladies - Jenn Hayslip, Heidi Wallingford and Cassandra herself!

Marie’s Market Soiree is open to the public if they are unable to attend the full event.  The ticket price for the evening is $20

To find out more about this fabulous event, including pricing and registration, please visit the event website  http://mariesdansedesfleurs.blogspot.com/

Hope to see you in Florida!


Does your Husband suffer from W.H.I.D. ??
If so, he is not alone. No longer does he have to endure the pain of Women with Hairbrained Ideas Disorder (otherwise known as W.H.I.D.) 

He no longer has to wear the “I drink because my Wife has Ideas”  t-shirt. Throw it away. Because now there is another little blue pill ( and NO, not the famous blue pill you are thinking of!) that can help.

Simply dissolve it in your hubbie’s favorite beverage while you seat him in his recliner and fetch his slippers after work. Wait 12 minutes for full effect and then approach your husband with your Hairbrained Idea.

For example…..

Me : Hi Honey! Did you have a good day at  work?

Him: grumble

Me: That’s ok honey, you sit down right here while I get you a drink and your slippers.  (Serve favorite beverage with dissolved little blue pill now. Works best when chilled.)

Him: grumble

12 minutes passes. It sometimes helps to set the oven timer to remind exactly when the best approach time is.

A test question is usually the way to start to make sure the pill has taken effect. Start with something small before you introduce the Hairbrained Idea.

Me: Honey, do you mind if I go shopping today?

Him: That’s great, I’d love that, do you want me to go with?

Test Successful. Proceed to Hairbrained Idea Submission.

Me: That would be terrific honey! But before we go shopping, do you mind if I pick up something very heavy and awkward for free on the side of the road?

Him: That’s great, I’d love to!

Me: And what if it took 4 full grown men to lift it into the back of the pick up, and then what if I wanted to haul it all the way through the house, up our newly carpet stairs, past our freshly sheet rocked, textured and painted walls, where eventually it would reside in a room where the doorway only gives us a leeway of 3 inches to get it thru and the whole time we were moving it, it was leaking rusty oily water all over everything?

Him : That’s great, I’d love to!

Me: And what if I told you it was going to cost $100 for said four men to get it up the stairs?

Him : That’s great, I’d love it!

Me : And what if I told you this item of which I have been speaking is a broken down refrigerator from the 1950′s?

Him: That’s great, I’d love it…… small grumble…..

If grumble ensues, this may be the time to check the dosage. Another pill may need to be administered.

Me : And what if I told you this broken down refridgerator from the 1950′s that is free on the side of the road and will leak everywhere, take four full grown men to move and cost a $100 was ………..


Him:………………..pause……………..That’s great, I’d love it!!

And there you have it ladies, an end to your husband’s pain and suffering from W.H.I.D.!!

If you would like more information on this miracle little blue pill, please leave a comment below.

(this has been a true story brought to you and sponsored by The Fancy Farmgirl. This is an actual story, please see photos below. However, I TRULY wish there had been a miracle blue pill involved rather than ME suffering thru my husband’s terrible outbreak of W.H.I.D.)

So with no further ado, please enjoy viewing the best free side of the road find EVER!  This beauty now resides in my office, and is going to be used to store all my office supplies and files.



Q & A


What an amazing response I have gotten from sharing my story on my struggle for weight loss and my ultimate achievement. I thought people could relate to the issue, but your amazing comments have truly touched my heart. Thank you for sharing your own personal struggles and success with me and everyone else, it has renewed my strength in so many ways, and I believe have inspired many others!

I was asked so many questions, I thought it better to answer many of them in a second post. I also want to say that I am completely open to contact from anyone who needs support, a pep talk, or has another question that I may be able to shed light on. Just give me an email, and I will be happy to respond! I don’t profess to have the answer to everything, I just know what FINALLY worked for me.

So, here are the questions I received…..


Q: What do you do when you are exhausted?

I know this is an issue for many of us. The more tired we are, the easier it is to grab something quick, easy, and unhealthy. No one wants to stand for another hour cooking some elaborate meal. I also had a tendency to “indulge” more when I was exhausted, because food was one way I could reward myself when feeling bad. One of the most important things I had to get through my thick skull was the fact that we should eat not for enjoyment or as a reward, but we eat to nourish our bodies. Therefore, it isn’t important to make the food as tasty as possible, to indulge our want for comfort out of food, but rather think of it as gassing up your car. You can get gas at the local convenience store, rather than filling your tank with french champagne. (even though we all want french champagne!!)

Have some quick fix foods in the house that are healthy and easy to access. Soup is a great one for just those reasons. There are many tasty low fat / low cal options out there you can pop in the microwave and have ready in just a few short minutes. While big elaborate meals are fun and tasty when we have time, they need not be every night. Another option is have sliced meat such as turkey or ham, fruit and crackers available. It makes a very quick, easy and filling meal for under 200 calories.

Finally if you must, go thru the drive thru. Sometimes there is just no other option. However, being prepared in advanced, can make it a good thing instead of bad. I am lucky I live in a part of the country where it is a law to post calories and fat on the reader board and menu of every restaurant. However, many of you do not have the option. Instead, do some research on the computer. Go to the website of your local chain restaurants, find their nutritional menu, and find the healthy choices on the menu. Most restaurants have at least one or two. Then, print it out with your choices circled, and keep it in your purse or glove box so when you have to go thru, you have everything planned out!


Q: What are your triggers?

Well, definitely the above…..exhaustion. My other triggers are environmental. I find that when I am at home, it is easy to stay focused, but when out, and constantly tempted by yumminess all around me, it is very hard to resist. One way to avert this was to invite friends to the house rather than meet out for lunch. You have complete control over the food offered, and no temptation.

Nighttime is another trigger. I get the munchies. I pop a bag of microwave low fat popcorn and stuff my face with the whole bag. Only 150 calories, and you can snack away!


Q: What do your kids snack on?

This one is easy……fruit, veggies (when I can get them to eat them) beef jerky, popcorn, healthy cracker choices. Real fruit leather, dried fruit, yogurt.


Q: Did you clean out your cupboards and start over again?

YES!!!! I cleaned out the cupboard, the fridge, the freezer, everything. I called family and friends to come get food that was opened, I donated everything else to my local food bank. I felt really good about the donation, and it was so much easier not to have temptation!!


Q: What is a typical day of eating for you?

I think the key to eating for me was not 3 meals a day, but spacing my meals close together and eating more frequently.

Since I live in Seattle, I am the quintessential coffee drinker. I cannot live out coffee. The rest of the day I drink water. Don’t forget that drinks can have as much calories as meals!


6:30am coffee with creamer   35cal

9:ooam yogurt 80 cal

10:ooam cereal with milk 150 cal

11:30am apple or other fruit  (remember fruit and veggies unaltered are freebies! don’t count their calories)

1:00 sandwich (low fat/low cal bread, one slice, open faced sandwich. 4 ounces turkey or ham, lettuce, tomato, and mustard)    160 cal

3:30 snack with kids beef jerky and fruit    80 cal

5:30 dinner (low fat meat, 4 oz. piece, veggies and maybe a potato with non fat sour cream 350 cal

7-8pm fruit/veggies maybe sugar free jello 10 cal

9pm ?? munchies?? whole bag of microwave popcorn    150 cal


total : 1015 calories.

remember, you can fill in any hungry times with more unaltered fruits or veggies. Unaltered means in their natural state, no sauces, salt, added sugar, dressings etc. just as you would find them in the ground or off a tree!


Q: Would you spend your money on weight loss programs too?

well, this is a difficult question. The only one I would recommend (and I have done them all) is weight watchers. mostly because there is a lot of emotional support in the meetings, and the accountability of weigh ins. However, I am a busy person, and don’t like going to meetings, I don’t like having to count, save and distribute points and I think it is about changing eating habits, not tying to find a way to still eat bad things for you while you lose weight. Also, I have better plans for my money. Like save it for Silver Bella or a new pair of hot jeans when I am skinny. Instead, I weighed in with my husband, keep track of the weight and still felt accountable. I had family and friends for support. That is not available to every person, so weight watchers may be a good choice for you.


Q: How tall are you?

I know the reason many people asked this question is you want to directly compare yourself. I used to do the same thing, so it is an important question. I was constantly whispering to my mom, my husband or even kids “Am I fatter or skinner than that girl over there?”

the answer is,  I was 35 years old when I started the diet, I am 5’6″ inches and a smidge tall, my pant size was a 16, but if I tried hard enough, I could find 14′s to fit me and make me feel better about myself.

Now I am 36 years young, still 5’6″ and a smidge tall, and my pant size is a 5 and I feel great about myself.



I hope by posting this, that in some small way, shape or form, this will help someone. It is still a struggle for me to keep my mindset where it needs to be, but I am really determined to keep my life on track. Thank you for helping me with all the love and support you have provided, it truly has made my willpower stronger!

xoxo, Tiffany