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 Hi! My name is Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon, I am an Artist and Photographer……… welcome !

 I am a self proclaimed “Fancy Farmgirl“.  I live on a small slice of heaven farm just outside Seattle  in the Pacific Northwest, where everyday I try to enjoy life to it’s fullest. I think everything is better when made pretty. Even cleaning a chicken coop can be fun in a vintage prom dress! I love the simple pleasures in life, and embracing all that country living has to offer. I love hard work and the rewards it brings. Don’t be afraid to get dirt under your nails, and have fun while you do it!

I spend most of my days as a Professional Photographer. I work freelance for several magazines and publishers. I also shoot lifestyle photography, and  I love to infuse Fancy Farmgirl Style into photo shoots. My clients seem to love coming and living a day in the life! They might even get a photo with my Fancy Farm mascot, Miss Cookie, my darling mini burro. To find out more about my photography, see my portfolio or to book a shoot, please go to www.thefancyfarmgirlphotography.com

Every other day I am just like you.  A wife, mother and homemaker.  I love to spend time with my children, family and animals. I would love to share the adventure with you!

Here is a little of my story……………..

I was born in the Bay Area of California in the early seventies. My parents were not “Hippies” so to speak, but they were, however, in search of a lifestyle from the everyday hustle of a major town. On a whim trip to visit a relative in Washington, they were asked by a friend who had just gotten her Real Estate License if she could show them a few houses to gain experience with future customers. What my parents did not know at the time, is it would change their lives forever, and far reaching roots would begin to spread and grow.

My parents gave the agent an unrealistic wish list of a dream property they knew did not exist. They certainly weren’t looking to move, they were just obliging a friend. However, when the agent presented them with a tour of a beautiful and quaint 20 acre farm in a sweet, quiet town at the base of the mountain, their hearts began to flutter.

Being the free spirited child I was, and only 6 years of age, I took off to explore the property myself, finding peace in the orchard, content to sit under an apple tree and sing as loud as my voice would allow.  The songs were my originals, mostly about trees and birds and flowers and how happy they made me.

Coming from an environment where I had no yard, pollution was out of control and I had no idea what rain was, my parents were looking for place to raise their children that was pure, and they found it. Seeing me content to lay in the orchard and sing about trees and flowers, they knew they had found the lifestyle they were seeking.

The move was life changing. Although my mother was born and raised in a farming family, she had been away from it for awhile, and my father had never experienced the country life, he had always been a city boy.

The family dove in head first, filling the farm with milk cows, sheep, ducks, chickens, rabbits and every domesticated animal you can think of. My mother grew her own garden with plentiful fruits and vegetables, and even ground her own wheat for breads and cakes. The fresh milk came from our own cows, and churning butter by hand, or cranking ice cream was a treat. I got my first pony that year, and I spent the next 6 years glued to one horse or another. Every Summer evening at dusk, my parents would yell from the back porch to get off the horse and get inside. Those were the days…..eating lunch in the field, taking naps on the backs of the sun warmed ponies as they grazed in the tall grass.

Flash Forward years……when I was 12, my father’s job took us overseas to Hong Kong. We spent the next 6 years living on a Concrete 7 mile Island with 6 million inhabitants. A far cry from our farm life. My parents realizing the value of the lifestyle we had previously had, sacrificed a lot to hang onto the farm, all whilst living overseas. Many things on the farm suffered, but every Summer, we returned and tried to reclaim what the last 11 months had taken away.

We still own the farm to this day.

It took me until my late 20’s to understand just exactly how much the country lifestyle had influenced me. No matter where I would go or what I would do, the Farm Girl continued to live inside of me, longing to get out again.

When I met my city boy husband, the thought of a farm to him was very foreign. Fortunately, my feminine persuasions are strong, and I was able to convince him of the “alternate” lifestyle. Since then, he has never looked back, enjoying growing giant pumpkins, collecting eggs and keeping animals. We now have a farm of our very own.

So now with this background you can see why the name change to “The Fancy Farmgirl” is more than just a cute and catchy blog. So much more. It is me, heart and soul, mind and body, almost everything that I am, and it just feels


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