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I Will Never Mock Internet Dating Again

  (Kim, me and Lara)   I will never mock internet dating again. Nope, won't ever make sarcastic comments or think it is a stupid idea. Why? Because I have found many a girlfriend on the internet.  I have had people question whether or not cyber relationships are "real". I am here to tell you that I have meaningful […]

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Embrace Your Inner Cowgirl…..

  Today was a picturesque day in the Pacific Northwest. One of those very rare winter days where the looming clouds part, and the Sun shines down upon the Earth, reawakening everything that has been in hibernation.  The kind of day that no matter what was on the agenda, it was moved to the wayside to fill the soul […]

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Somebody Pinch Me!!!

  That's right, somebody please pinch me, I need a reality check. I must be dreaming…… Is it really true??     Not only am I honored to be an instructor at this wonderful event, but now, the wonderful Miss Jo Packham of Where Women Create is going to be the guest speaker!!! And for […]

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